A real treat for your skin! 

Bodacious Body Scrubs

Inspired by nature & made with homegrown flowers, herbs & plants

* These are now only available from my market stall and not through my website *

  Your skin is constantly shedding. In addition to this, pollutants and dirt accumulate on it daily. My body scrubs are designed to strip away both dead skin and dust & dirt. Using a simple ingredient base of natural New Zealand sea salt and olive oil, the action of salt & oil on skin makes an effective body cleanser & moiturizer.

Sea Salt is naturally antibacterial, and also full of essential minerals which are fantastic for the skin. Sulfur in sea salt aids oxygen synthesis and this helps the skin to breath. Potassium balances water for cell metabolism and along with sodium helps cells to absorb nourishment and get rid of waste. Calcium strengthens cell membranes and helps unblock pores while magnesium rids the skin of dirt & pollutants.

 Soapernatural body scrubs are also crammed with organic herbs, fruit peel, leaves and flowers, all of which come from my own garden! Clays and spices are added for extra goodness & essential & fragrance oils enhance the scent of these scrubs making them especially good to use if you are going out somewhere special. Ooooh!           

Rub gently on your body in the shower, allowing the sea salt to exfoliate and cleanse your body and the olive oil and plant products to soften and nourish your skin. Wash off with warm water and a little soap and your skin will feel brand new!