Soft, kissable lips . . .

 Soapernatural Lip Balms

* These are now only available from my market stall and not through my website *  

 Lips need love too!

I used to suffer terribly from cracked lips, both summer and winter. Now my lips are always soft and I can smother them in lipstick, rather than lip balm! Ha!

 My lip balms are designed to nourish and repair sore and chapped lips, but also to prevent them from becoming dry again. After using my balm for a while, you will find you don't need it as often, just occasionally!

My lip balms are made with healing illipe butter and beeswax, but also with the soft goodness of hemp oil and some Shea butter. This simple, natural ingredients is found in all my lips balms, as I find it really works for chapped lips, and also prevents lips from becoming damaged by harsh environments. Illipe butter and hemp oil have magical skin healing properties, helping to repair sores and skin lesions often associated with severely cracked, dry lips. Hemp oil has also been reputed to be effective as a broad-spectrum ultraviolet skin protector. How good is that? All natural, all good!

 Again the only difference is in the scent.

 There is one here just for you!