Soapernatural Soap


Simple, honest skin care . . .

I like to keep things simple, so most of my soaps are made with the base ingredients of rice bran oil, coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower oil and canola (rapeseed oil). Over the last couple of years, I have tried many different oils, and combinations of oils, and have found that this recipe produces a lovely moisturizing bar of soap. I have sensitive skin. I bruise and scar easily and the skin on my face is very sensitive and never behaves itself! I use my soaps on both my face and body and find that it leaves my skin lovely and soft. Even my man comments on how soft his own skin feels!


  Keeping my soap recipe the same means now you need only pick the soap that appeals to you! My soaps aren't just for cleansing and moisturizing, they are made to be enjoyed. They are meant to set or change you mood, invigorate or relax you, soothe or exfoliate you. The difference between my soaps comes from what natural magic I put in them after the base soap is created. This consists of the natural colours, plant and fruit extracts and actual plant material, such as juniper berries & calendula petals, that are added.

 So which soap speaks to you? Is it "Ancient Forest," with its invocative scent of pine? Or is it "I love the Sea," with the refreshing scent of citronella and goodness of natural sea salt?

There is a soap here just for you . . .

 Occasionally (because I love creating new things), a new soap may arrive in my soap shop. If you try and like the new soap, then please let me know and I will make them a permanent addition to the soapernatural collection! Also, if you have suggestions for a soap you would like me to make, then let me know and I'll see if I can create your dream soap for you!