Happy skin . . . naturally!


Welcome to Rebecca’s world of natural soaps and magical skincare



Soapernatural soaps are inspired by nature. Before becoming a soap maker, I was an Earth scientist and spent many years studying the marvels of the natural world. I have always loved handcrafted soaps and had a secret desire to create my own.

When my partner and I moved to New Zealand, my life took a different course and I began to turn my hand to all the things I had often fantasized about doing. I started making soap several years ago, but only started selling it three years ago, when I had perfected my craft.

When trying to make products that are as natural as possible, it is tricky to create such that have style as well as substance, i.e. having soaps that are pretty/attractive without being artificial. I always however, endeavour to do this, while having respect for the environment and understanding sustainability. Alot of the time unfortunately, people do choose style over substance. But that is the challenge of the path less travelled!

Soapernatural does not use "palm oil" and uses a variety of "rain forest friendly" vegetable oils. I have spent a lot of time trying different soap recipes, but have found a combination of oils that I, and many of my customers, think makes a beautiful moisturizing bar of soap. Many people, who have had problems with soap in the past, now buy mine and love it. 


 Most of my soaps are coloured naturally, mostly using herbs and flowers grown in my own garden. I always indicate, in my different product shops, which ingredients are grown in my garden by denoting "homegrown" in front of them. I also use clays and plants extracts like chlorophyll to produce lovely natural earthy colours. I don't want my soap to look "good enough to eat," I want it to look good for your skin! When you use it, you'll see that it is

I use both essential oils & fragrance oils to scent my soaps. There are advantages and disadvantages to using both in soap making. While words like "natural" and "organic" are branded about today to make products more attractive to people, there are many concerns attached to such words and truths that are unknown. I explain, in more detail, my philosophy on using both types of oils on my "Ethics" page.

My soaps aren't just made to smell and look pretty, they mean something to me and are meant to invoke memories or fantasies, so that when you use them you are transported to a special place. Showers and baths often become functional, but I think that everyone should take time to enjoy themselves. Go to a magical place and feel and smell wonderful when you return.


Soapernatural is based in Kingston, on the shores of lake Wakatipu, and uses mountain water, from Mt. Dick (Mt. Aspiring would have sounded better, but that's geography for you!). Our water comes from this mountain and it tastes beautiful! We are lucky here, not to be on mains water and I love the fact that we are privileged to have this pure, magical water. There is mountain magic in your soap!

Soapernatural is constantly evolving, so feedback is important to me. I am always searching for new ideas, so if you have a soap that you would like me to make then I welcome suggestions. Is there a soap that you are looking for but can't find? Keep me creating, I love it!!!

Many soapernatural products are seasonal, this means that sometimes a product may not be available if I have run out of a certain herb or flower. Soapernatural is a one woman show, so I am a busy girl, but as the years pass I am cramming my garden with more of the gorgeous plants and flowers that make my soaps so special. In the future, I hope that I will have such a surplus that I will never run out of anything!

Soapernatural products are packaged simply; wrapped in greaseproof/baking paper or banded with a recycled labelled. It's the products that are important, not the packaging and I like to have as little impact as possible on landfill.

Soapernatural also makes other natural skincare products.

My body butter bars really are skin magic and are able to sort out a variety of skin problems, such as cracked heels, calluses and super dry skin. They are fantastic at generally improving overall skin health.

I make salt and olive oil based body scrubs, packed with homegrown flowers and herbs. They are fabulous exfoliators, removing old skin and leaving you with a new, soft, scented one.

My lip balms are also nourishing, packed with the natural goodness of beeswax, cocoa butter, Shea butter and olive oil.

So now all you need to do is explore, discover . . . enjoy!!

Product testing

Soapernatural products are not clinically tested, and the only animals they are tested on are human! I am the chief guinea pig, followed by my partner and a few lucky friends and family. My valued customers also let me know what does or doesn't work for them.