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England, 1307

Templar Knight Galeren de Massard is sent to investigate an incident where a nun claims to have been attacked by “a man who became a wolf.” When Galeren meets Catherine, he instinctively knows that her attacker was Esquin de Floyran, an old foe, and that his return is dangerous for the increasingly unpopular Templar Order.

Out for revenge, De Floyran has betrayed his brotherhood’s secret to the French King who has long sought to discredit the Templars. When he discovers the truth of their nature, he vows to destroy the Order and have the Knights burned to the last.

When hundreds of Templars are arrested in France and Catherine is taken by De Floyran, Galeren resolves to rescue her and save as many of his brethren as he can. Alone, he journeys to France and into the heart of danger to face his enemy and risk everything to save his race from destruction.

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France, 1311

Raymond Caradas, more wolf than man, is outcast since betraying his former master to save the Templar brethren from the French King's fires. Tormented by his humanity and his past, alone, he drifts from town to town drowning his demons in drink and women.

About to commit a diabolical act, he is prevented by lone she-wolf, Kit, who has sought him out for a purpose. Angered by her persistence, but drawn to her, Caradas is unwittingly pulled back into the Templar struggle with new enemies determined to hunt down and destroy the supernatural knights.

But something from Caradas' past is about to come back to haunt him and force him to face his greatest fear; death at the stake.

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