I am also an indie author who writes fantasy & science fiction for both adults and children!


I have published two adult novels, both of which are supernatural tales revolving around the fall of the Knights Templar.

I love writing and have written stories ever since I learned to put words on a page. When my partner and I moved to New Zealand for a change of lifestyle, I knew that this was the time to write my books. Like my soap, my writing is inspired by my love of the natural world, myth, legend and also history.


The idea for my first book, "The Wolves of Solomon," came to me while I was wondering around a shopping centre in Brighton, East Sussex. I have always been into medieval history and was particularly fascinated with the Knights Templar. Their near two hundred year history is full of intrigue and mystery. That, coupled with my imagination and love of wolves, led to an interesting supernatural idea.

The idea grew and wouldn't let me be until the story was written. Once written, I spent a year trying to get it published "conventionally." I got fed up of being told "No" and having faith in my book, I decided to cut out the middle men and do it myself! I teamed up with my mate and computer genius, Kirsty Bowden, and we sat down and put a book cover together. I had heard about an online publish-on-demand site, called Lulu, and decided to do it with them. It was an amazing experience and the most wonderful feeling to hold the first copy of my book.

My books are available as both paperbacks and ebooks, through a variety of online book retailers (please see links below) and signed paperback copies can be purchased from the Soapernatural website too! 

A lot of my book sales have been made at my Soapernatural market stall in Queenstown and other local markets that I attend. People love chatting to me about the book and also getting a signed copy!


The Wolves of Solomon is an historical fantasy adventure, suitable for young (14+ NB: parent discretion required, this book contains adult themes) and old and appeals to both men and women. I have had amazing feedback from the people who have picked up a copy from my stall, and I know that a copy of my book is to be found in many a home all over the world.


Having loved the experience and knowing that I have many more books in me, I wrote a sequel, which I finished in January 2011 and published, through Lulu, Amazon and smashwords, in July 2011.

"Wolf" is a little darker than the first book, and follows the exploits of one of the characters from the Wolves of Solomon. I am really excited about my new book and with my "characters" demanding a prequel, I am now working on the third book in the series "Blood and Brethren."Signed copies of both books are available to purchase through this website. Check out my "Book shop" for more details and be prepared to enter a fantastical world of medieval knights and werewolves!

Children's Books

Early in 2012 when I was pregnant, I decided to try my hand at children's books. I wrote two stories about a vegetarian vampire who loves mangoes but doesn't have any friends. It wasn't until after the birth of my little girl that I teamed up with fantastic Queenstown artist, Rachael Errington, and we formed a publishing company called Cobble Creep Creations. Rachael illustrated our the first "Count Grumpula" book and we published "Count Grumpula and the Wood Witch" at the end of July 2013. We plan to have about eight books in "The Adventures of Count Grumpula" series and Rachael is now busy illustrating our second book, "Count Grumpula and the Hounds of Hell," which we hope to have out by Christmas 2013. Check out our website for more info and to see Rachael's beautiful artwork that accompanies the Count Grumpula books.



If you want to know more about my writing & any forthcoming titles or projects then please visit my author website:


Both my books are also available as ebooks and links to where they can be purchased can also be found on my author website above.